Movin’ to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches


I’ve had this song in my head for a while now. Some of you may remember I was kicked out of my home of 8 and a half years so that my landlord could sell it for double what he bought it for 11 years ago. Tomorrow I will be 8 weeks in on my own house purchase in the relative countryside of North Kent. 

I am having serious first time buyer wobbles. I don’t really want to leave my familiar leafy South West London surrounds but the rent is so high now and I certainly could never dream of buying in London anymore. The choice was a grotty studio flat in Croydon or a Victorian cottage in Gillingham, Kent. 

My little house is lovely, very well maintained with period features, a south facing garden and hard won after it was the fifth property I offered on in four months of looking and by far the best I had seen. I will also be 30 minutes away from my aunt, uncle and nan. 

So why the hesitation? By buying in Kent I will be reducing my outgoings whilst still being within commuting distance of London. This was my primary goal if I am to get my assisting career off the ground. On paper the plan seems perfect but why do I already feel like this house is a millstone round my neck shackling me to the 9-5 world that I hate, a job that has begun to make me feel ill and saps me of my energy.

Thoughts of growing my own veg, getting another cat, turning the house into a Farrow & Ball coloured dream home after renting forever and finally being able to buy commercial sized polyboards and blackout blinds to manipulate light in a way I’ve so far not been able to do in rented properties are countered by the fear of the unfamiliar, the burden of being a home owner and the mortgage company forcing me to sell the house 2 years from now should I dare to become a freelancer in the interim years of my fixed rate deal.

For now I shall bounce between fear and excitement as I wait to hear news of exchange and completion dates from my solicitor and make the most of photographing the contents of my housemates organic veg boxes. 


2 thoughts on “Movin’ to the country, gonna eat a lot of peaches

  1. You’ll be fine Emma! You’ve made the right move. The only way for new paths to open up is to make changes in your life and that’s exactly what you’ve done!

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