Mini Egg Chocolate Slab

Post move my mac has decided it’s full. Despite having no photos on the HD it seems to think it has over 3GB of the swines. I have had to sacrifice a whole series of New Girl just to open Photoshop and everything is painfully slow. It took me less time to make this mini egg chocolate slab than it did to edit the shots! It makes a great alternative to Easter eggs. I love Hotel Chocolat’s slabs so thought I would have a go at making my own in the run up to Easter. Super easy to do and a fraction of the cost of shop bought eggs.

Chocolate Mini Egg Slab

Mini Egg Chocolate Slab

  • Servings: 8
  • Print

250g dark chocolate (min 60% cocoa solids)
75g white chocolate
90g bag mini eggs

In a bain marie slowly melt the dark chocolate keeping the heat as low as possible so as to keep the chocolate tempered. Once melted pour onto a lined baking tray and spread out into a rough rectangle with a spatula.

Slowly melt the white chocolate and then drizzle spoonfuls over the dark chocolate in a zig zag motion. Feather the two chocolates by drawing loops with a cocktail stick or skewer.

Drop over some mini eggs and leave to set at room temperature for at least an hour.

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