No-Churn Salted Caramel & Bourbon Ice Cream

I hadn’t intended to blog this but Nigella’s no-churn salted caramel and bourbon ice cream got such a rapturous reception at my bbq last week my guests made me promise to post it. This now gives away what little effort went into the dessert but we could all do with more simple recipes that impress so I’m gladly sharing this!

nigella salted caramel and bourbon ice cream

No-churn salted caramel and bourbon ice cream

  • Servings: 6-8 Makes 800ml
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397g can carnation caramel or dulce de leche
300ml double cream
1-2 teaspoons soft sea salt flakes
1-3 tablespoons bourbon whiskey (15-45ml)

Tip the caramel, cream and 1 tsp of the salt into a bowl and whisk with a hand mixer until the mixture thickens. Add the bourbon 1 tablespoon at a time tasting after each addition. Add more salt and bourbon to taste remembering that upon freezing the flavours will be muted. I ended up using 1.5 teaspoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of bourbon.

Give the final mixture one last whisk until it holds soft peaks and then pour into a 1 litre freezer safe container and freeze overnight.

This is very soft scoop due to the alcohol content so there is no need to soften before serving.

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